Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Things

Happy Friday! Fridays used to mean so much more to me when I was working outside of the I am a SAHM and to me, it's just another day. Another day of refereeing, chasing my boys, changing diapers, making bottles, trying to find time in the chaos for a workout and smiling through my teeth as I grin and bare it to try to make it look so easy and fun, even when it's stressful. Parts of it of course are very fun...cute giggles, smiling faces and conversations with my kids never cease to make me happy.

But anyway, on with my Friday Five!

Farrah is 11 weeks old today! One more week until I can start taking her to the gym childcare...which means a week from now, my workout time will be a bit more regular, unlike the scattered "when I can find time to fit it in during the day" routine it is now. I'm going to love a little scheduled time I can dedicate to myself and my sanity...and two words: barre class. She has also started letting me put headbands on her {finally!} She used to scream and cry when I put them on her and it wouldn't last longer than a minute. As my first and only girl...I was not going to have that. "You WILL wear adorable and ridiculously-sized headbands! I waited my whole life for this!" I would tell her. And this rainbow outfit...I can't even...

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer debuted yesterday and I am excited to get a girl or two together to make a girls' night of it. I first need to finish the books...I'm only half way into book two and I had lost steam before Farrah was born.

Cooked up another round of veggies for the next couple of days...and doing more chicken and sweet potatoes is so nice to be at home now instead of work because I don't know how well I could keep up with the meal prep otherwise. I like having some time during the day to get it accomplished, rather than at night when I'm doing dinner, baths and bedtime with the kids. Here is what I made last night -very simple - recipe is on my fitness blog, The Gym Bunny, where I'm chronicling my postpartum weightloss progress.

Jake and I are headed to the OAR concert tonight on Daniel Island. We are so due for a night out. We pretty much see them every year when they do a show here. It's one of Jake's all-time favorite bands.  This year Phillip Phillips is also performing.

Now that I'm getting back in the gym more regularly and my body is ready for regular lifting again, I've been very inspired by Erin Stern and the workouts she has on YouTube. Her videos have been very informative and show me even more options for strength-training. If you're into weight lifting, and you should be, I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page and YouTube. How can you not be inspired by her body and her dedication?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! xo

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday

This week has been interesting so far. I started my clean eating diet on Monday {more on that here & here} and I've definitely noticed a difference. For one, I am down 4 lbs since Monday! Obviously I believe my weight is coming off faster since I have pregnancy weight to lose and am "overweight" by my body's normal standards...but it is so exciting to watch that scale drop every day {yes, I weigh myself every day right now - making sure to keep in check}. As someone who generally ate healthy anyway, the cleaner lifestyle {they encourage you to call it lifestyle, not diet} isn't coming so hard to me...I do actually like the foods I'm eating. For me the hard part is not having red wine! But I did probably need to slow down with that anyway...when it enters back in, it will be more moderately, not so much regularly. As for when I will allow it to enter back in, that's up in the air right now. I really needed to kick-start the weight loss, so I knew I needed to make a drastic effort. Drastic, such a harsh word...I shouldn't call it that. But this girl is desperate to get back in her I'm doing whatever it takes! I'm also making sure to get my workouts in.

In other news, while I'm still a SAHM since Farrah arrived, I will be going back to work! Working in my own home. My husband works for his dad's construction company and my FIL finally had to admit he needed help with the bookkeeping...he was just too busy to keep up on his own. So I will be working 15-20 hours per week on my own schedule from home. It will be nice to have that income back again, and it's really the ideal situation.

Another interesting thing that happened this week is my entire side of the closet randomly just fell off the wall. It was lovely. BUT there is always a bright side...and that bright side is that my husband is now finally going to create a custom closet for us {something that has been on my to-do list for him for years}! I will definitely share that with you when it's done! {Hopefully sooner than later!}

And lastly, Farrah's rug arrived from Rugs USA and I love it. I will finally be able to do a nursery reveal, but at the moment, my entire closet full of clothes is laying on the daybed in that will have to wait just a little longer. But here is the rug:

Rugs USA Tuscan Ikat Chevron Pink Rug
Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

F is for Farrah - A Monogram for the Nursery

A good while back, I posted about some monogram pictures I made for the boys' rooms {they now share a room} out of Goodwill frames, fabric and plywood letters from Hobby Lobby. I knew I wanted a monogram for Farrah's nursery and I finally got around to it! I loved how they boys' monograms turned out so much, so I decided to go the same route and hunt for a good frame at Goodwill.

This one was the perfect size and easy to work with.

I found the most gorgeous chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby that had all the colors of her room in it. It was perfect. I bought the F there too and spray-painted it yellow. The frame got spray-painted white. I did use a spray primer on both before painting.

I simply laid the picture backing on the fabric, cut a piece to fit and then stapled the fabric tightly in place. To glue the F on, I used my Elmer's spray adhesive which I have found to hold very strong. My boys' monograms are still intact over a year later!

Isn't it so pretty? I just love how it turned out. I think it's also timeless for her childhood years...I could see this in a teenager's room, so hopefully she'll still have it then. Not bad for just over $10 in materials {not counting the paint and glue which I already had}! I still have leftover fabric if I think of another project to go in there. Here it is in her nursery:

I know I owe y'all a nursery reveal post and I am definitely getting to it. I've just been collecting bits and pieces for her nursery as I go along, and I am now waiting on a rug - finally found the perfect one. So once that's in place, I'll have some pictures for you! Unfortunately the custom crib mobile I ordered on Etsy fell through, so I now have to wait on another one from a different seller. I also rearranged the room this weekend, so it now looks very different than any pictures you have seen of it thus far.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Musings

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Ours was pretty good...we got some pool time, the boys got some beach time and I was able to get meals prepped for my clean lifestyle that starts today. More on that over at The Gym Bunny, I encourage you to check it out!

On Saturday, we went to my friend, Suz's pool to celebrate her birthday. I was finally able to get a picture with Farrah in her swimsuit!

Not that she was smiling, but whatever. That goofball behind us is the birthday girl. :-)

Daddy went for his first swim with Farrah...

Again, not her best face. :-)

The boys went to the beach with Daddy on Sunday afternoon while I stayed back and prepped meals and took care of Farrah. Hate that I missed the beach, but Farrah wasn't acting like she was in a beach mood, so I decided it best we hang back. But at least I accomplished something good! Here are some pics Jake took of the boys having a blast at the beach:

Be sure to stop back in tomorrow to see a DIY project I did for Farrah's nursery!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Musings

Happy Monday! {Don't punch me.}

Hope y'all had a lovely little weekend. I wasn't on the blog last week, but I had a bit going on. For starters...our laundry machine decided to die...mid-load {meaning it only got as far as filling up with water and then just sitting there, with the clothes just soaking in their own filth.} Oh, and I forgot I had started a load {thank you, Mommy Brain}, so it sat there like that for a day. It smelled rancid when I opened it {thank God it was Jake's clothes - mostly dirty construction clothing and swim trunks anyhow}. We had to take all the sopping wet clothes out one by one and stick them in an empty cooler, then maneuver the entire machine to the front of the garage so we could tip it over and drain out the water. The next day {Friday}, I pulled the cooler over to the trash and got rid of any clothing that was already stained or ripped anyway - Jake's construction clothes are no biggie to lose. I then had to lay the rest out to dry in the sun {they were way too soaked for the dryer to handle}...figuring I was rewashing them anyway, just didn't want them completely soaked and sitting for days while we waited for a new machine...but of course, it rained that day...and the next day. Oh well. I ordered a new washer from Lowe's, but it didn't arrive until you can imagine I'll be doing plenty of loads of laundry this week to catch up. Yippee. But I got a new washing machine!

Anywho...I received my Kate Spade diaper bag last week and I. Love. It.

Into The Wild Stevie Baby Bag {available on eBay, similar}
I especially love how it straps to the stroller like that. So cute and will definitely be used as a large purse once past the diaper years.

Last week, I ventured out more with all three kids on my own {I will say I have mastered the grocery least as good as it's going to get}. We went to the play park and the pool a few times. I took Farrah into the water and she seemed to like it...wish I had a picture, but can't really take my iPhone in the pool. Here are some other pics from those outings though:

And of course a big, cute baby smile from Farrah {she's really showing some personality now!}:

She also turned 2 months on the 9th, and 9 weeks on Friday {however you like to count}.

Last week I was a little more lax than I have been on the workouts. I did do Insanity and T25 a few times, but since the boys didn't have Karate camp, I wasn't as dedicated to staying up after Farrah's 5am-ish bottle to get my workout in. This week I am back on track...they have Karate camp today, tomorrow and not only will I be doing Insanity every morning after Farrah's early bottle, I will also be walking the bridge with her those days. I didn't get to last week since I had the boys. BUT, I do have to proudly say that after 3-4 weeks of kicking my butt with workouts, eating right and NOT seeing the scale budge, it finally budged last week - I lost 7 lbs somehow! I think my body finally woke the hell up. I was like, "Helloooooo I'm working out, start getting skinny already!!!" {If only our bodies would just respond to pep talks.}

Anyway, since I mentioned going to the pool...I had to share this image I saw on Facebook because it's so perfect.

Have a great week, y'all!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

We plan on taking the boys to our friends' pool party and then watching the big neighborhood fireworks from Jake's parents' backyard. No beach this year, just a little too much craziness to bring a newborn. I'm sure it can be done {and I've done it before}, but I'm just not willing considering the other two I will also have to keep an eye on. :-)

Last night I went out to celebrate my sweet friend, Anne's birthday. Tried a place in Charleston I'd never been to before - The Bohemian Bull. Of course I'm trying to lose pregnancy weight, so I only ordered the Boho Eggs appetizer and it was delicious.

This was my outfit for the evening...nothing special...just some black and white:

Photo: #ootd #outfit of the evening #mommasnightout #fashion #blogger #maxiskirt #tiedye

...and a little arm party:

To end this post, I'm going to basically copy and paste what I posted last Independence Day because my words and feelings are all the same.

 Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
I want to extend a huge "thank you" on this Independence Day to the servicemen and women that have made our freedom in our country possible and continue to fight for that freedom every day. Thank you to my husband, Jake, who proudly serves with the USCG, over 10 years now. It is a huge sacrifice to be away from those you love, to risk your life for others and to do the right thing. May all of those that serve and have served know how very important and appreciated they are.
And as for the rest of you, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday

Thoughts for ThursdayLovely Thursdays

I'm sitting up this morning at 5am...just fed Farrah her early morning bottle and listening to Tropical Storm Arthur pass through. I'm debating on doing my Insanity workout now or later. It's going to be one of those rainy days. Normally I take the boys to Karate camp on Thursdays, but I think in the interest of not having to drive around today {still sort of a nervous driver after our car accident last month}, we're going to make a day of it. Popcorn and some movies, art projects {I still need to get back working on my paintings so I can sell them in my Etsy shop!}...just sort of relax before the busy holiday weekend.

No big plans for 4th of July...we've got a couple of parties to stop in at and then we will watch fireworks from Jake's parents' backyard. It just makes it so much easier with the kids, especially having a newborn this year. What are your holiday plans?

In other news...I've been a little loose with the spending lately {thank you, Geico} and I thought I should let you know, if you don't already, that Kate Spade is having a 25% off sale on already on sale items. Use code MORESALE. I just put this bag into my shopping cart...such a cute diaper bag and could totally be used as a big purse after Farrah is out of diapers! Originally $318.00, but with 25% off the sale price, I'm snagging it for $134.25!$_35.JPG

Also, thanks to Megan at For All Things Lovely, I'm currently waiting for this top to arrive...

I know it will look a lot better on me once I've lost the baby weight than it will right now, but I couldn't resist. I love Aztec patterns, if you remember from my post about Emily Maynard's sweater cardigan last year, and the colors in this are amazing.

OK, I officially need a little spending break.

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