Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five: Awesome Instagram Accounts

Doing a different spin on my Friday Five today...I don't know about you, but I am an Instagram-aholic. I'm constantly checking out the accounts I follow...usually in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed...and I'm constantly posting photos of my own. I love that it automatically hits my Facebook and Twitter for me too. Here are 5 Instagram accounts I follow that I'd like to recommend to you {in case you don't already follow!}



Need a fun idea for a playful hair-do? They've got you covered. I used to do braids a lot in my hair, but it has been a while. They are going to get me back to it!



The images on this account floor me. They take normal, random spots in NYC and photograph a beautifully poised ballerina in the middle of all the chaos. Just gorgeous. I'm a former dancer so I am partial to these images, but I honestly think most women who are young at heart can appreciate the beauty of these photos.



Caitlin of Southern Curls & Pearls is so darling and her outfits are spot on. I am sure many of you are already following her in some form or another, but her Instagram is loaded with all you need for your daily dose of pretty.



I am actually a contributor for this website, though admittedly, it's been a while since I've sent in a post {need to get back on that!} Their Instagram has a lot of beautiful inspirational quotes, healthy recipe photos and fitness motivation.



Mine, of course! #shamelessplug No, seriously, I was scouring my Instagram and these are the top ones I could find to share that might not already be followed by apparently I need to find more accounts to follow. Help me out and leave a comment letting me know yours, and any others you follow that might be of interest! Hope you'll also check out mine and consider following along.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday

Linking up with Home of Malones and East Coast Chic for Thoughts on Thursday again...hope y'all are having a wonderful week!

I hit the ground running {literally} this week with my workouts. I have added in running to my regimen to help speed this postpartum weightloss thing along. Monday was a good day...but it was chilly, so Breckin complained the whole time {even though I dressed him warmly}, but being cold season, I didn't want to keep them out, so I ended it pretty early.

But, I am on a mission, so when Jake came home that evening after work, I took a quick run to make up for it.

On Tuesday, I went again to Cardio Craze class {think circuit training similar to Insanity} is a hard class, but I am loving it. It's that kind of stuff that really makes the forces me to push myself.

I mentioned before that I am signed up for the Turkey Trot 8K in Myrtle Beach while we are there for Thanksgiving, and that was going to be my first race since having Farrah. However, my friend Anne asked me to join her for the Color Rave Glow Run they are having here in Charleston on November 1st. It's a 5K and it's an evening run. I have wanted to do one of these races, so I am stoked! Being signed up for races keeps me motivated to keep on running in my spare time. The plan for now is to run in the evenings when Jake comes home, until DST ends on November 1st and I can run in the early AM.
I already told you about my neighborhood wine night's costume party this past weekend, but someone posted a group picture {this is actually not all of us that came that night!} and I had to share.

I was impressed, everyone had great costumes. I look forward to our wine night every month!

Also wanted to share this fun little picture of my littlest guy and me...he has such an awesome personality...he's only 4, but I swear I'm talking to my equal sometimes. He's trying hard not to smile in this picture, you can tell in his smirk.

I hope y'all enjoyed my outfit posts yesterday and last week...I've got a few more planned in the next couple weeks and I plan on keeping it up. I'm having fun with it and it's really something I've wanted to do for a long time on the blog. Tanner is great at helping me by being my photographer, and I am taking advantage of the timer setting on my DSLR camera so I can snap some myself. So they're not super-professional, but I'm pleased so far. Hope you are too! Would love feedback on the posts when you see them!

Have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aztec & Burgundy

As a recently postpartum mom {for the third time}, I find that one of my fave fall go-to pieces in my closet definitely has to be leggings. I can get into them without jumping up and down and sucking in for my life. And sometimes, you just need to be comfortable. I definitely recommend these as your in-between phase from postpartum body to pre-prego body. Here is how I like to style them up lately.

{ Cardigan from Ross - This One is totally cute / Leggings / Boots / Tee Shirt }
The following pics were taken again by Tanner with my iPhone - he's getting better! Except this one, it's a selfie. You can see I obviously accessorized since the first self-timer pics with my DSLR.

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