Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Hopefully most of you are in for a fun, long holiday weekend! I don't have much planned other than Jake will be taking the boys fishing with his dad, brother and our nephew all weekend, so it's just Farrah and me! {Is it bad that I'm totally OK with that?} On the docket is my neighborhood wine night tonight and I'm definitely thinking of hitting the beach tomorrow with Farrah...maybe Sunday too! I do also plan to take advantage of the practically empty house and get some things done around here.

Here are my five for this week!


I sold my double jogging stroller this week and purchased a single. I was a little sad because when I decided that I'd need a double this time around, it's because I knew I would be home all day with Breckin and an infant Farrah, and we'd really need to be able to get out of the house and into the fresh air, plus, I had wanted to start working on losing that baby weight, pronto. I loved our walks/runs...and I loved being home with them. I will always cherish and remember those times with them.

But now, I'm working, so my running time is in the evenings when Jake is home to help, so I no longer need to take both of them with me. It was time to get a single. I ordered basically the single version of the double I had because I loved it so much. And they had it in pink!

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum
Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller
It should show up on Tuesday. I'm way eager to get back out running more.


Last Sunday at the beach, I got soooooo burnt on my legs {forgot to apply the sunscreen there}. Well, I will say I didn't forget, the plan was to give them about 30 min in the sun because they are hard to get color on and then apply sunscreen. Well, then I forgot.

As I'm beginning to fall more and more in love with my essential oils, I find that I'm reaching to them more when I have an ailment. I applied a few drops of lavender mixed into coconut oil and rubbed on both legs. I did this for a few nights and it took a lot of the initial stinging pain away as well as kept me from peeling. The redness is mostly gone now too. And bonus: soft skin! What I love about lavender is that it's so versatile...this same mix being on my legs at night, also helped me get a good night's rest!

If you're interested in hearing more about Young Living essential oils, send me a message!


I don't believe I've shared these here yet, but I got the cutest pictures of Breckin and Farrah from their daycare picture day. Breckin was quite the little ham for his, I was so impressed with how photogenic he is! Farrah could have smiled...she looks like she has no idea what is going on.

And of course, his graduation one:

Just love them!


I've been awful this week with workouts. It has just been one of those weeks. Not the end of the world, but certainly not a week I'm proud of in terms of fitness. My painful sunburn put me out as far as leg workouts earlier in the week. I feel like I'm so behind on Body Beast that I might as well start over. Which I think is the plan. I think between Body Beast and running with Farrah in the evenings, I'll be good. I'm looking forward to having our nightly jog before she goes to bed...we don't have the bottles anymore, so it will be something that hopefully soothes her and gets her tired for bedtime.


I don't have much else other than to say, have a fun holiday weekend! But please do remember what it's really about.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale / My Picks

So just about everyone who's anyone in the blogosphere has posted about this Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale today...but I can't really come to the table today with anything much better, so I'm going to go ahead and share with you my picks.

'Live In' Leggings
Zella Live-In Leggings
I love working out, but I especially love working out in cute gear. Zella's line of activewear is comfortable and fun - it's one of my favorite brands. These are $34.80, down from $58.00!

Blouson Chiffon Skater Dress
Lush Blouson Chiffon Skater Dress
This dress looks to be an ultra-flattering cut and I just love the color {they do have in black or navy as well}. What a fun dress for a summer night out with the girls for cocktails! Not a bad deal at $27.60, from $46.00!

'Kamella' Snake Embossed Leather Caged Sandal (Women)
Vince Camuto 'Kamella' Sandals
This shoe will go with just about ANYTHING this summer! Pair it with a nice dress, or even just dress up some distressed shorts and a tee for a relaxed, yet chic summer look. I love that the snakeskin is not's just right. These may or may not have just been purchased. {Tee-hee}

Textured Lace Camisole
Free People Textured Lace Camisole
You know I love me some Free People. This list wouldn't be complete without it. How sweet is this top? Layered or alone.

Head over and check out the sale! Hope you find some great deals!

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Monday, May 18, 2015


I had a great weekend - hope you did too. I spent a lot of it in the glorious sunshine.

I started off Saturday joining our community yard sale and finally resolved to get that rapidly accumulating pile of "to sell" stuff out of my garage. It had really taken over and I was just done with it. I didn't do too bad money-wise, but was still leftover with a lot of stuff. But no way in Hell was that stuff getting back in my Goodwill it went. I was sad to see so many of Farrah's super-cute and nice clothes go away for free, but to be honest, I know I will hardly think about it a few days from now and having my garage be clear just feels so good. I was out there from 7am - 12pm and definitely got a bit of color on my shoulders and face {though I did wear some SPF!}

On Sunday, we went to the beach. If you're like me, your skin might not tan so easy. I usually wear SPF 30 despite that, but for some reason, my legs are the last to get color. So I thought I would just slather SPF the rest of me and then give my legs a good 30 minutes without and then put it on later. Well, I FORGOT to put it on after that. My legs are the reddest they have ever been in my whole life! I couldn't believe it because I'd gone out many times in my younger years trying to get tan and my legs would never burn like that. Needless to say, I'm in pain and I've been lotioning and aloe-ing around the clock. I'm hoping it at least fades to a tan because otherwise it just wasn't worth it! We did have a fun day...Farrah ate her fair share of sand, the boys ran around with some of their friends and it was all around a lovely time.

Having a baby beach tent was a lifesaver. I never had one for the boys and I'm really wondering why the heck not! Farrah didn't end up napping as I'd hoped, but she was able to sit in there and eat and play without getting too much sun. I definitely recommend a tent like this if you like to be outdoors a lot - would work great in grass too just for a nice outing at the park.

Sunday evening, Jake's parents took the boys to a kid's concert at their church, so we had a couple of hours to go get a nice meal. We went to a place called Sol because I love their outdoor patio...and their Jalapeno Cucumber Margaritas.

Farrah has been doing so well with her transition to milk this week. I was worried she would put up a fight, but she is taking it like a champ. I miss feeding her baby bottles was a nice little first of the morning and end of the day time we had together. She is also doing well with more table food rather than jar food.

I am looking forward to getting through this week because I have a full weekend ahead for Memorial Day weekend. Papa and Jake are taking the boys fishing all weekend, so it will just be Farrah and me. I love my boys, but man, any chance for some good peace and quiet and my house to get clean without the constant tornado they provide - I'll take it! I have my neighborhood wine night on Friday night and then I am hosting an Essential Oils 101 class at my house on Saturday night. Looking forward to more time in the sun as well {pending the redness going away on my legs and A LOT of SPF!}

Have a great week! xo

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has been a busy one. I'll just get right into it.


If you saw my posts earlier this week, you know that we celebrated Farrah's 1st birthday on Saturday with a rainbow-themed bash.

It was bittersweet, definitely. My baby girl, my last baby, is not going to be a "baby" much longer. She will be toddling before I know it.


In addition to already being emotional about her big milestone, on Monday I was hit with Breckin's Pre-K graduation {Lord, please take it easy on me, geez!} Breckin was fantastic...he is such a crowd-pleaser and definitely stole the show. The audience was completely tickled by him and his antics on stage. He is such a cute little guy with an awesome personality.

Oh my God...tears in my eyes...I was so glad I was able to snap such an amazing picture of him on his way to the stage. Now onto Kindergarten. {Cue more tears here...of the crocodile variety.}


So with Farrah having turned one, that also means it marked one year of me working to lose the 57 lbs I gained with her. I'm still sitting at a lb shy of pre-baby weight {and holding, apparently} but I know the body works in interesting ways and I've been putting on muscle mass lately, so it's going to not show a change in the scale so much, but it will show a difference in inches. I'm feeling good in my clothes and I'm back in a bikini. This is where I'm at a year later.

I've got work to do, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished because I knew where I started and it was a big feat in front of me at that time. Third baby and in my thirties...I guess it's true what they say {at least for me}.


I'm finally going to clear my garage of my pile of  "stuff to sell" and have a yard sale tomorrow. I think I'm going to have mimosas ready to go because it is so sit out there for five hours. I hope it's a good day and that it ends up being worth it. I am making myself take the leftovers to Goodwill this matter what it is. It all just needs to go...I hate clutter and I know how I feel when it's all gone is worth way more than what I could ever sell it it shall be donated at the very least.

But I swear I take things in as fast as I clean things out. I found this gorgeous antique vanity {I have wanted one to makeover forever}. I am picking it up this weekend and I think I am going to paint it white and give it some updated hardware. It is gorgeous, isn't it?


Farrah had her one year check up at the doctor yesterday...she's still at the 97th percentile in both height and weight and holding. She was happy and playful all throughout the appointment until it was time for shots {I always hate that part, but I don't know who doesn't.}

This morning was sad for me because I gave her her last bottle of was sad to look at her so sweet, cradled in my arms and eating...I'm going to miss that. But she's been doing great with the transition to milk...yesterday she had no formula at all and did incredibly well. I am going to be feeding her primarily table foods now, rather than baby food.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I hope to get some pool or beach time for sure!

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